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A major issue in the mining industry is downtime and the costs associated with it. At H-E Parts, we understand that your equipment needs to return to operation as quickly as possible which is why at H-E Parts we place high priority on asset availability and communication with customers.

A customer and their sister company were carrying out Caterpillar 24H/M Grader rebuilds at the same time. As the two sites share one service exchange H-frame components between them this was an issue for the customer and they approached H-E Parts in hope of a timely solution.

H-E Parts ability to manage complete drivetrain solutions meant a H frame was in stock and available with two final drives, four brake assemblies, a differential and the mounting kit required to get the equipment back up and operational in a timely manner as requested by the customer. As H-E Parts are equipped to manage the full drivetrain, our COR Cooling™ division also reconditioned the customers radiator at the same time. Due to the costs associated with transporting the completely assembled frame, H-E Parts worked with the customer to ensure the frame was only partly assembled to reduce costs associated with wide load transport.

The supplied 24H/M frame saved the customer approximately 100 labor hours during the machine rebuild process, which ensured it was returned to operation sooner.