Health and Safety Policy

H-E Parts International and its wholly owned affiliates holds as a core value the safety of its employees, customers, contractors and communities.  We care for the environment and strive to conduct all activities in a sustainable and safe manner.

H-E Parts Goal

We work to create safety excellence and an environment in which people return home safe each and every day. We manage risk to not only minimize harm, but seek opportunity to enhance people, equipment, the environment and communities in which we work.

We adhere to our customer expectations, policies and relevant laws and regulations.

Our Principles


  • Promote sustainable practices where practical.
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage where we work.
  • Advance technology and processes which limit waste, improve efficiency and lower impacts to the environment.


  • Support the local community and customer safety programs.

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Health and Safety are the responsibility of the Executive Management team, division managers and local operating teams.
  • Safe work practices and advancement of safe work processes is the responsibility of all H-E Parts employees.

All employees have a responsibility to work safely using the training, technical resources and equipment provided to them and are expected to care for the health and safety of others.

Safety and Health

  • Establish Health and Safety programs suitable to meet individual business and project requirements.
  • Manage our risks by implementing systems to identify, assess, monitor and control hazards.
  • Promote the safest work area possible.
See you tomorrow safety logo h-e parts

See You Tomorrow, Global Safety Program

Our global safety program, “See You Tomorrow,” holds at its core a commitment to ensuring our employees return home safely to their family and friends, injury free, and fit for work the following day. By emphasising the importance of working safely, “See You Tomorrow” ensures H-E Parts maintains focus on this value. In partnership with our employees and customers, the ‘See You Tomorrow’ program continues to be an effective tool in planning for our shared safety vision.