Diesel Engine Services

H-E Parts is committed to enhancing industrial engines to afford the end user a reliable, efficient, and better-performing engine. H-E Parts supports the customers complete powertrain and engine requirements through our Mining and Engine Divisions. Our global teams work collaboratively to ensure engines and complete powertrains perform in sync and to the best standards possible through shared technology, information, and innovations. Industrial Engines operate in harsh conditions and remote locations often exposed to elements such as heat, dirt, salt, water, and grime which can lead to poor performing engines making performance and reliability key.


H-E Parts state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained engine rebuild teams have made us the “go-to” firm for leading mining operations around the globe for over half a century. From our cleanroom facilities and team approach to engine assembly to the latest precision machining equipment and multi-point quality control processes, H-E Parts’ meticulous attention to quality and detail ensures that the heavy equipment at operations from the Arctic circle to Southern Asia deliver the reliability and longevity our customers depend on.