COR Cooling™ Bar and Plate

H-E Parts offer a range of premium COR Cooling™ aftermarket radiators, coolers and complete cooler packages suited to:

COR Cooling aftermarket radiators
  • Radiators
  • Charge air coolers (CAC’s)
  • After coolers
  • Hydraulic coolers
  • Fuel coolers
  • Compressor coolers
  • Water jackets
  • Brakes
  • Transmission applications

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to tailor aftermarket radiators to achieve your performance requirements. Our COR Cooling™ bar and plate charge air coolers and after coolers are designed and built by H-E Parts to endure the harsh and varying Australian conditions, providing our clients with reliable and durable cooling solutions backed up by substantial warranties.

H-E Parts optimize the superior cooling performance of aluminum in our COR Cooling™ designs, resulting in improved cooling performance within the same space constraints. Our range of custom COR Cooling™ fin designs provides solutions to air flow issues that affect cooling performance.

Other options available include our range of DURA-LITE™ Charge Air Coolers (Australian Distribution only), aftermarket replacement parts and the ability to customize solutions based on the individual or application with our in-house engineering teams.


With our extensive range and abilities of our COR Cooling™ bar and plate radiators, we are able to supply replacement radiators for a variety of customers across a range of industries.

  • Heavy duty bar and plate design to suit multiple engine configurations.
  • Corner block reinforcements prevent premature failure of end tubes.
  • Annodized cores and aluminum for extended service life resulting in less downtime and resistant to corrosion.
  • Custom designed piping system and accessories can be included.
  • Sideband expansion slits allow the core to expand and contract evenly to prevent premature cracking.
  • Enhanced external open fin design to prevent blockages and ease cleaning.


The fully welded COR Cooling™ aluminum bar and plate configuration is a robust solution to many cooling applications, offering resistance to corrosion, damage from debris and a fully serviceable cooler. Large coolers or coolers subject to vibration, typically seen in mining and heavy industrial applications, can suffer from issues with structural integrity. To overcome these issues, H-E Parts use a combination of corner blocks and expansion joints.

COR Cooling™ products offer improved cooling performance

COR Cooling™ products use aluminum to take advantage of the superior cooling performance of the material, resulting in improved cooling performance within the same space constraints. Our range of COR Cooling™ custom fin designs provide solutions to air flow issues that affect cooling performance.

COR Cooling™ drop in replacements

In addition to offering competitively priced, premium aftermarket coolers, H-E Parts has developed drop in replacements for a range of applications which overcome many of the issues endured when operating in varying and harsh conditions.