CME™ Crusher Liners

H-E Parts liner development program and CME™ Crusher liners provide customers with application-specific performance at the lowest total operating cost by matching the optimum profile with the most appropriate grade of manganese steel chosen from one of the following ranges:


H-E Parts range of 20-24% manganese steels; the hard-wearing long life product that is the current benchmark for high performance wear products.


H-E Parts range of 18% manganese steels that provide a balance between product life and overall cost, and is differentiated from the MnStandard range due to its metallurgical content, manufacturing process and heat treatment.


H-E Parts range of 14-18% manganese steels that provide a low cost option for applications where wear rates are relatively low or where MTTR is not a significant factor.

Within each product range, H-E Parts are able to provide purpose-built modified grades to better suit individual requirements; super heavy duty, high toughness or extended life.

For most suppliers, selecting the right liner for a specific application is to duplicate the OEM design. If requested, H-E Parts can also supply OEM equivalent designs; however, H-E Parts innovative approach to liner development has consistently demonstrated that the correct liner for a given site is one that has been designed specifically for the application.

By adopting a holistic approach and integrating liner management policies with site specific operating and maintenance practices, crusher liner problems are reduced, freeing up resources for other important jobs and reducing total operating costs.

CME™ Crusher Liners

H-E Parts has built a reputation on the reliability and performance of its CME™ range of manganese crusher liners, which are designed to be fully compatible with H-E Parts variety of lifting devices, that ensure safety and efficiency are achieved in all service functions. This reputation carries on to H-E Parts flagship MnElite™ grade of manganese wear products, which typically result in a 35% improvement over lower grades of materials. While this alone is an impressive achievement, it is only a starting point as H-E Parts can normally achieve improvements well beyond a simple extension in liner life – whatever the grade of manganese.

CME™ Gyratory Crusher Liners

H-E Parts also specialize in the design and manufacturing of CME™ gyratory concaves in both manganese and liquid quenched Ni-Cr-Mo steels that have been proven to provide longer, more consistent life than most common air-quenched concaves, with far less risk of failure that can be encountered with white irons. Before manufacturing a gyratory liner set, H-E Parts engineers evaluate each individual application and provide a purpose-built design that will produce the desired performance across the full concave life. By adopting a site-specific approach, H-E Parts is often able to provide concave life increases more than 50%, without the use of high-risk white irons. H-E Parts has long been recognized as a pioneer in developing the concept of fully corrugated mantle designs, and in some applications has been able to achieve decreases in power draw of around 20%, with a similar increase in tonnage. However, this is not a solution that will suit all users, and, in many cases, a more conventional smooth mantle design will suffice.

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