At H-E Parts, safety is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, and communities. We embrace 12 core values that guide us in our daily operations, shaping the essence of being part of H-E Parts. By joining our organization, you become part of a culture that prioritizes safety excellence, ensuring that each day we all return home safely.

Core values CORE Values H-E Parts



Perseverance is one’s willingness to remain firm and consistent in their commitments and actions to achieve a goal, despite roadblocks and hardships that may occur and one of the core values that we hold at H-E Parts International. We are extremely fortunate to work with individuals that have the passion for our business and customers who persevere to see us through the difficult times.

Responsiveness, Mutual Respect

We know our customers need a supplier who can anticipate and adapt to external pressures as well as their individual needs in a timely manner. Due to this and our awareness of external market pressures that affect us all daily, H-E Parts holds Responsiveness as a core value in our daily operation. We pride ourselves on predicting and appropriately reacting to our customers’ needs and industry pressures in a swift and effective manner.


Accountability is at the core of everything we do at H-E Parts and a value that all our employees honor.  H-E Parts ensure their colleagues and the business as a whole honor accountability to ensure the highest level of performance, delivery, and customer satisfaction. By having a sense of commitment and duty to oneself, others, and the organization our actions are aligned.

Customer Focus, Communication

Customer Focus is another one of our core values! Operating as a customer-centric organization, we have ensured our customers’ needs and wants are consistently met. Our employees focus on customer satisfaction is second to none and the heart of our business.

Teachability, Teamwork

Teamwork is vital to the continued and smooth operations of H-E Parts. With over 40 branches globally and customers worldwide, working together collaboratively and cohesively has been vital for operations. Our employee’s willingness and enthusiasm to get involved and assist wherever required globally has facilitated our business’s continued growth and performance worldwide.

Integrity, Innovation

At H-E Parts, our business is built upon Innovation. For our team, innovation means coming up with new way to approach business and operations that creates value, improves safety and/or provide further opportunities for our organization and customers. Innovation is a crucial part of our business and is essential to our ongoing success.


At H-E Parts, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Our success as an organization and as individuals, is based upon our ability to perform our job duties in a manner that prevents protentional risks, adheres to safety and quality standards, and encourages those around us to do the same. Safety is a commitment we make not only to ourselves but to each other. Whether setting up a safe workspace for others to perform their duties in, providing a product that is safe and reliable for use, or making decisions that allow you to get home safely at the end of each day all H-E Parts employees work to create a sager workplace for all.


Excellence is our final core value at H-E Parts. Striving for excellence means more than trying your best at H-E Parts, to achieve excellence we focus on the growth and development of our employees. We recognize our employees’ strengths and support their growth in areas they excel within. By doing so we ensure our employees can develop into positions best suited for them, where they are able to produce excellence.