Cylinder Heads

H-E Parts cylinder head departments utilize the latest equipment for better production and accuracy. Utilizing this equipment means H-E Parts is able to cut all three seats in one pass while maintaining the ideal concentricity level. This provides an excellent seat for the valves to seal against. The equipment used produces exact roughness average (Ra) consistently across the surface of the cylinder head. One of the added benefits of H-E Parts’ seat and guide tooling is that we can vacuum test the finished product prior to assembly, a process that ensures quality and saves time.

Cylinder head services

  • Resolve uneven surfacing.
  • Consistent gasket sealing finish.
  • Center cylinder head to exhaust surface dimension.
  • Dimensionally match mated per bank.
  • Exhaust manifold repair and surface.
  • Parallel to cylinder head.
  • Minimal material removed.