The Birrana™ brake wear gauge is used to measure brake wear by informing the user as to how much of the brake life remains. The Birrana™ brake wear gauge is installed during a brake rebuild and stays in the wheel group to make testing convenient and safe. One direct measurement is all that is required to determine brake pack wear. Brake bleeding, which is considered an arduous and lengthy task, is no longer required following measurements as the brake wear gauge doesn’t need to be removed from
the brake group.

Additional benefits to the Birrana™ brake wear gauge are:

  • The elimination of oil spills that can lead to slips, burns or environmental contamination
  • Improve brake life monitoring and change out planning
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability of brake wear measurements Allows maintenance plans to be made with confidence.

To measure brake wear using the Birrana™ brake wear gauge, simply remove the protective cap, push the indicator inwards, and immediately see how much brake life remains. As the brake wear gauge is already installed, the testing process is quick and accurate. Once the truck is parked, one person can perform the measurement procedure for all four brakes in around 10 minutes. The park brake is applied the whole time to ensure the person performing the measurement is safe.

The Birrana™ brake wear gauge digital workbook has been written to help you monitor trends in your truck’s brake wear, and alert you to potential hazards. When correctly used, the Birrana™ brake wear gauge spreadsheet can:

  • Warn when the amount of brake wear remaining is less than 20%
  • Indicate the possibility of warped brake plates
  • Graphically show the wear trend for each brake
  • Assists in record keeping to promote continuous improvements