H-E Parts is known for continuous innovations to improve maintenance practices in the mining industry. The Mining Solutions engineering team located in Billings, MT, USA, where our H-E Parts hydraulics global center of excellence is situated, have recently developed and released an ambidextrous tilt cylinder and guard option to suit Caterpillar dozers. The D10 T configuration was the first to be put into the field and others are being developed. 

The newly developed ambidextrous guard allows for the conversion from a left or a right-hand cylinder by exchanging the guard plate from one port location to the other. The tilt cylinder can then be installed according to the side of the machine it is required on, the hydraulic lines attached, and the machine is ready to resume operations. By switching to the ambidextrous cylinder, the customer has the opportunity to reduce stock by half, or the flexibility of using the same component on either side of the machine. This results in less down time for machines due to the correct handed stock being unavailable. 

Having fewer part numbers and inventory items provides mining customers with several benefits. Reductions in warehousing requirements, ease of ordering and maintenance planning is improved, along with less machine down time allowing greater asset utilization. Switching to the ambidextrous tilt cylinder provides customers with lower total cost of ownership. 

Bill Brown, H-E Parts President of North America Mining Solutions, says “H-E Parts listens to customers and takes action. The ambidextrous cylinder was requested by a hard rock customer in the western United States. They desired to stock one cylinder to fit both LH and RH applications, with the guard installed, to minimize installation time and inventory investment. They trusted H-E Parts to deliver and the engineering and sales teams came through.” 

The ambidextrous cylinder and guard add to the list of innovative full drivetrain componentry and associated assemblies that H-E Parts can provide globally to mining, quarry and heavy construction customers.