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For over 35 years, H-E Parts Dom-Ex has worked with companies around the world to help locate needed mining equipment to meet their production needs. We are not only experienced in sourcing needed equipment but also relocating equipment globally. We have a highly experienced team that is capable of handling all aspects of the relocation, including locating needed equipment, dismantling, logistics, and reassembly at your site. We, at H-E Parts Dom-Ex, understand the importance of performing all of this work safely, efficiently and affordably. 

In addition, we are an outlet option for your excess mining equipment and surplus inventories. Our component division supports over 5,000 customers globally with needed parts and components to help keep equipment running at the lowest possible cost.  With the competitiveness of mining, recycling needed components from dismantled, excess mining equipment is the optimal solution.  This has been our core business for over 35 years and we are proud to work with customers all around the world.  We believe if we look after the customer with quality components at competitive pricing, the customer will look after us.

We welcome hearing from you. Please reach out to us in regards to any of the below needs: 

  1. Used mining equipment: Mining trucks, loaders, dozers, or shovels
  2. Excess mining equipment and components that are surplus to your needs
  3. Components and parts to support your operational equipment

We have received this commendation from BHP Billiton:

“BHP has a safety philosophy of ZERO Harm. That philosophy applies to every worker, whether a BHP employee or a contractor. We expect everyone to leave the site everyday with no injuries. I am pleased to complement the Dom-Ex team sent to disassemble the 793B trucks. The crew was very professional and safety minded and ZERO Harm was achieved. Furthermore, the work was performed efficiently.
MSDS sheets were provided for each chemical Dom-Ex brought on site. Written tool box safety meetings were recorded each day outlining the day’s tasks and hazards. These also contained the weights of any components being lifted that day, a very good safety practice. Dom-Ex’s tools were top of the line equipment, showing a pride of ownership by the company and the employees. Above all else, the safety attitude of the whole crew was excellent. I would recommend Dom-Ex to any company that is looking for a company committed to the safety of their employees and contractors.”