H-E Parts Engineering Division OverviewHEPE’s capacity, range of precision machinery, fabrication and machining capabilities ensure our professional engineering team can provide innovative solutions for both large and small precision engineering tasks. Our dedicated team pride themselves on their responsive, clear and proactive job communication.

HEPE manages jobs through an advanced tracking software that ensures they are complete with high precision, on time and to specification. This software promotes greater transparency with customers and provides up to date, accurate job intelligence.

Alongside this state of the art software, HEPE has some of the largest equipment in Western Australia making them the perfect solution for large, heavy, and bespoke machining needs.

HEPEs facility includes a dedicated heavy machining workshop with a 100T lifting capacity and the following machinery:

  • CNC and manual precision machining
  • Multiple operation CNC machines for small to medium diameters
  • Robot fed, twin spindle multi-tasking machine
  • Multiple 9-axis floor borers for heavy duty, general milling work
  • Vertical lathe which can swing up to 8m in diameter
  • Horizontal lathe that can turn, mill and grind a job 11m in length
  • CNC bandsaw

Berthieze CNC 8 Meter Vertical Lathe

  • H-E Parts Engineering CNC automated machining equipment.Maximum working height of 3,400mm
  • Chuck Diameter of 3,700mm that can be increased up to 6,400mm with outriggers
  • Maximum swing of 8,000mm 
  • Primarily services
    • Cone crusher adjustment rings & bowls
    • Mainframes
    • Large pulleys
    • Heads
    • Heat exchangers

Tacchi 11 Meter Horizontal CNC Lathe

  • A unique machine that can turn, mill and grind jobs. 
  • Max swing over bed 1570mm 
  • Max swing over saddle 1240mm 
  • Max load between centres 30T which can be increased with steadies 
  • Distance between centres 11,000mm which can be increased with configuration
  • Primarily services
    • Long shafts
    • Maritime propeller shafts
    • oil & gas applications

Toshiba CNC Floor Borer with Rotary table

  • X Axis (longitudinal) 6200 mm 
  • Y Axis (vertical) 3200mm
  • Z Axis (Ram) 520 x 450 900mm 
  • W Axis (spindle) Dia 1800 
  • Table 4600 x 3050 
  • 100T weight capacity 
  • 1 has Rotary table 3000 x 3000 
  • Primarily services;
    • Large mainframes
    • Track frames
    • Slew frames

Okuma MCR Double Column

  • High-speed double column machine with auto-loading/unloading attachments
  • Maximum travel 6,600mm
  • Capable of milling anything up to 6,600mm
  • Primarily services;
    • Exciter beams
    • Grizzly decks
    • Lip plates
    • Prep work