VSI Crushers


H-E Parts manufacture and supply the Auspactor™ Range of vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers to global markets.

The innovative design of the Auspactor™ VSI is based on years of experience and field trials. It provides easier and fewer tip and part changes resulting in lower running costs.

With the unique design and flexibility of the Auspactor™ rotor, many VSI owners have retrofitted the Auspactor™ rotor to reduce maintenance costs and improve shape and productivity.

The unique Auspactor™ rotor fabrication has no exposed or protruding fasteners so streaming wear is reduced to a minimum.


  • Higher productivity with lower operating and wear costs due to superior rotor design
  • Auspactor™ rotor utilizes a lift-in lift-out (LILO) one piece tip design to allow the simplest tip changing system available
  • Minimal wear parts reduce maintenance requirements
  • High tolerance to hard, abrasive, fine, wet or sticky feed materials due to superior rotor design
  • Large feed hopper adds surge capacity
  • Large access door for ease of inspection of machine internals and access to changing rotor wear parts
  • Crusher body rubber mounted to isolate crushing forces from support structure and motor/s
  • Reliable, proven bearing cartridge design for long life and ease of maintenance
  • Vibration activated switch for protection of crusher
  • Simple and robust motor adjustment for ease of drive belt tensioning
  • Generous discharge openings to allow flexibility with chute design
  • Robust support structure for ease of mounting to various applications
  • Optional de-watering rotor for wet crushing and screening applications


Model Drive Max kW Max Feed Size Throughput [mtph]
VS75RR SINGLE 75 45 75
VS100RR SINGLE 160 60 160
VS200RR SINGLE 250 75 250
VS200RR DUAL 2x150 75 300
VS300RR SINGLE 300 75 300
VS300RR DUAL 2x350 75 600


  • Shaping of aggregate for concrete and asphalt
  • Manufacture of graded sands
  • Manufacture of fines for mineral extraction
  • Ore size reduction to increase mill performance
  • Fine crushing of limestone and gypsum for agricultural use
  • Cement clinker and limestone raw material size reduction
  • Processing of recycled waste such as glass, tiles, bricks and concrete


The Auspactor™ VSI uses a rock-lined rotor to accelerate the discharging material to typically 40 – 60 m/s. The high energy material leaving the rotor impacts into a turbulent wall of stone in the crushing chamber. This high velocity rock-on-rock impact action causes the material to fracture along weak planes, shatter, chip off ragged edges and or abrade to provide the uniquely shaped product that can only be achieved through a rock-on-rock VSI.

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