Wear Management Solutions

Our wear management solutions were created in response to inefficient, unproductive minerals processing practices. At H-E Parts, we’re not limited to a single wear material type, our engineers are able to evaluate individual applications and select the best combination of materials for a given area and perform financial modelling to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is realized.

We offer an impressive range of wear products that include; a full range of CME™ manganese crusher liners, weld overlay and quenched and tempered wear plate, bars, blocks and steel and ceramic wear blocks. This allows our teams to recommend and supply the most beneficial solution for any given customer problem that will extend life, improve reliability and reduce cost.

Through a combination of in-service monitoring and post-removal analysis, we have developed tools and processes to map wear patterns to ensure that liner performance can be continuously improved over time and altered when conditions change. Our Customers have found this approach invaluable when combining these recommendations with the extensive range of wear products currently offered at H-E Parts.