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Having previously supplied a D10T nosecone assembly, 793C radiator and some RH340 oil coolers plus numerous repairs previously to the customer, H-E Parts were approached again to provide a timely, turnkey solution to minimize machine down time.
The D11T Dozer overhaul included:

  • A complete overhaul of the Mesabi radiator
  • All pins, bushes and bores re-newed
  • A pair of reconditioned lift cylinder yokes
  • All wiring harnesses replaced
  • Two COR Cooling™ charge air coolers – known for their superior cooling performance through the use of aluminium and proprietary COR Cooling™ design technology
  • All hydraulic hoses replaced and an OEM improved lift cylinder hose kit for extended life.

H-E Parts also included an extensive installation kit.
The complete nosecone was overhauled and returned to site on time and Under budget ensuring equipment downtime was kept to a minimum and production interruption minimalized. H-E Parts branches carry an extensive range of components to support a quick turnaround for customers along with reliable sub-contractors at hand when required for offsite work.

H-E Parts offers high quality, innovative products that can be tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. H-E Parts in house engineering, product and service offerings, guarantee we support customers throughout the full product life cycle while working to award the end user with the lowest total cost of ownership. This ensures the same level of service performance is afforded to all of our customers