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At a Western Australian gold mine the customer had an ongoing issue with the counterweight assemblies within their MP1000 crushers, not lasting to scheduled manganese liner change-outs. This was attributed to the top guard wearing through, causing excessive wear to the counterweight sub-assembly. The counterweight then became unbalanced, leading to excessive vibrations within the crusher. Our client was then forced into shutdown mode on a breakdown basis to get the counterweight assembly immediately changed out. In addition to the repair and static rebalancing of the counterweight; H-E Parts recommended that the customer have both the top guard and outer guard manufactured with H-E Parts Protech™ PT-650 wear plate, which has superior wear and impact resistance in comparison to the original 400 Brinell Q&T plate. In consultation with H-E Parts in-house engineering department, our off-site repairs team then custom-fabricated and installed the PT-650 fitted counterweight guards at our Perth facility.

Since the first MP1000 counterweight fitted with PT-650 guards were put into service, the plant availability was greatly increased as a result of the counterweight life performing well past scheduled shutdowns; up to 12 months. The counterweight repair cost was reduced by more than 50% through protection of the counterweight assembly. Additionally, the crusher was protected from damage or wear to the immediate bushing and eccentric assemblies.