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H-E Parts was approached by an oil sands customer in Alberta, Canada. The customer sought help on GDY85 wheel motors for Komatsu 930E haul trucks and wanted to achieve a lower cost per hour by increasing target life on the components. H-E Parts offered a safe and effective solution.


The GDY85 wheel motors were being changed out at only 16,000 hours. Our engineers examined the failures and developed a plan to rebuild them and improve service life. The following differences separated H-E Parts from our competitors, and assisted in increasing the service life of the customer GDY85s:

  • Birrana™ enhancements: All Birrana™ wheel groups consist of proprietary processes and application specific components that improve service life and machine availability. Additionally, Birrana™ enhancements include a world class wheel motor gearing with specialized alloy steel for teeth and critical surfaces.
  • Upgraded overhaul process: H-E Parts continuously updates the overhaul process. 
  • Flexibility: Our team was able to adjust the rebuilding and selling process to fit the customer’s specific needs. 
  • Proprietary tooling and processes: With high levels of attention to detail and best practice, we give safe and consistent repairs that will achieve appropriate service life every time.
  • Quick response time: Our team was able to deliver a world class schedule to meet customer needs and minimize machine downtime.


H-E Parts has supplied customers around the world wheel motor gearing sets for over thirty years. We provide replacement gearing for the most popular models, including GDY106, GDY108, GDY85, GEB25, T282, and legacy 787/788/776. We service both AC and DC motors.

At H-E Parts, we use best in class manufacturers to produce our proprietary Birrana™ enhanced wheel motor gearing. We utilize specialized alloy steel for teeth and critical surfaces, carburized and ground to the strictest tolerances to exceed OEM specifications. All gear sets are 100% quality audited to ensure material quality and machining accuracy.

We used this experience and knowledge to improve the customer’s maintenance regime and reduce the total cost of ownership by incorporating these superior wheel motor gearing sets in the customer’s GDY85 wheel motor rebuilds. 


Today, the H-E Parts rebuilt wheel motors have been able to achieve over 24,000 hours in difficult oil sands conditions, a 50% improvement from the initial target life of 16,000 hours. The customer now has several rebuilt GDY85 wheel motors in their fleet.

H-E Parts has global experience servicing GDY85, GDY106, and GDY108 wheel motors.