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In an Indonesian copper mine, a customer had been struggling with concave life of between six and nine months for their gyratory crushers, with anywhere up to six mantles being used per concave set as a result of poor mantle-concave fit, causing unexpected shutdowns, cost blowouts and lost production. H-E Parts engineers carefully analyzed the application before providing a customized gyratory crusher liner design to produce the desired performance across the full concave life, with consistent life and performance from
each mantle.

Since H-E Parts improved the material selection and implemented a mantle and concave redesign, the following has been achieved:

  • Full 12-month concave life over a four-mantle set, with a consistent three-month life being achieved with each mantle
  • Primary crusher concave life has increased to 18-20 million tons from long-term average of 14-16 million tons
  • Estimated cost saving over the previous supplier: 37% or roughly AU$2.7M over 5 years
  • Mantle life is now more predictable, preventing unplanned shutdowns
  • The need to re-use old mantles and cut down liners to fit has been eliminated
  • Less downtime and lost production
  • Reduced safety risks