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A global mining company (the customer) with a metallurgical coal mine-site located in the Bowen Basin region of Queensland, Australia had a bogged Caterpillar D11T dozer. The dozer had completed 18,000 hours but due to bogging had suffered water entry into major components.

The customer had many service options available to them but chose H-E Parts as we were able to complete the project in-line with their maintenance schedule. Additionally, due to previously demonstrated, consistent product performance and service delivery, the customer was confident that their expectations would be met. By offering a complete solution rather than individual components, H-E Parts were able to
expedite delivery ensuring the customer minimized machine downtime which in-turn reduced total cost of ownership.

At H-E Parts our reputation and ability to supply one solution and all major components was a key deliverable in the customer’s purchase decision. Additionally, the ability to accelerate service delivery was possible with H-E Parts;

  • Capability to provide an engine, torque converter, transmission and bevel gear straight out of service exchange stock.
  • Managing the entire process including component removal, associated repairs, transport, site labor and post service monitoring.

Whilst our StaTerra Power™ engine and powertrain components that were available in stock were being installed, H-E Parts were able to rebuild the Birrana™ enhanced final drives, SCAB’s and COR Cooling™ radiator incorporating our own proprietary technology and upgrades.

H-E Parts is committed to enhancing components that afford the end user more reliable and efficient equipment performance. Our Mining and Engine Solutions divisions work collaboratively to ensure engine and complete powertrains perform as expected and to the best standards possible through shared technology, information, and innovations. These

  • Birrana™ proprietary technology and service specifications extend component life, promote maintenance efficiencies and increase performance.
  • H-E Parts StaTerra Power™ engines undergo proprietary balancing, crack testing and engine testing that reduces premature parts failures and improves equipment availability and performance. Similarly, our transmissions and torque converters are repaired using proprietary setup procedures and bearings.
  • COR Cooling™ products are designed utilizing proprietary software to suit site-specific applications, incorporating innovative aluminum fin designs to aid airflow, heat transfer and resistance to corrosion

Following the complete repair and transport of the D11T dozer back to the customers site, the machine was commissioned back into production successfully.