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A customer reported that an OEM magnetic plug failure in their D11 final drive application set off a chain of events that highlighted the critical importance of robust component design. In this instance, the magnetic portion of the plug dislodged and jammed within the final drive gear set. This unintended obstruction immobilized the final drive, leaving the operator with no choice but to jack up the machine to regain mobility. Tragically, this maneuver caused a catastrophic failure of the right final-side drive, resulting in a split hub and the ejection of two bolt heads across the workshop. This situation posed serious risks to personnel safety.

In the aftermath of this incident, our team discovered a recurring pattern of failures involving the same type of plug, not only in D11 applications but also in 797 applications across different regions. The consequences of these failures were far-reaching, leading to substantial damage to critical components.

Responding to this pressing challenge, our engineers developed a solution. Drawing from over fifteen years of proven success, our Birrana™ Engineering Sealing Technology magnetic plug (BEST Plug) was optimized further for D11 applications and provided as a solution to the existing plug that causes the failures above. We also confirm that this plug is viable for the other applications in which the OEM plug is used.

BEST Plug oil draining komatsu wheel group


Our BEST plug introduces a host of advantages that redefine the magnetic plug inspection process:

  • The BEST plug enables the magnetic plug to be effortlessly removed and inspected without oil loss, making the process safer, quicker, and more environmentally friendly.
  • By eliminating the use of the long magnet that was susceptible to dislodging, the BEST plug mitigates the risk of similar failures and subsequent damages.

The introduction of the BEST plug addresses a critical industry issue and sets a new standard for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. With a commitment to enhancing component reliability, our teams at H-E Parts continue to pioneer innovative solutions that empower operators and elevate operational excellence.

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