H-E Parts donates $5,500 for critical medical equipment.  

In continuation of our support for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, H-E Parts were honored to attend this year’s Balmoral Burn Sponsors dinner on the 25th May.

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a dedicated and compassionate children’s charity, working to provide hospitals across Australia with essential and often life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children.

On the night of the Balmoral Burn Sponsors Dinner, H-E Parts International won an item at Auction for $5,500. The item won was a Neoblue Mini Phototherapy lamp which is used to deliver high-intensity phototherapy treatment to prevent jaundice that If left untreated, can lead to more critical complications such as Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage. The Neoblue Mini Phototherapy lamp has been sent for use to the Special Care Nursery at St George Hospital, in NSW, Australia.

The Balmoral Burn Sponsors dinner was a bustling night of great food and entertainment but the purpose of the event and the message was clear – we can help, and we will.

H-E Parts are proud supporters of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. We look forward to continuing our support for the foundation in the coming months and years.