Introducing our dedicated employee, Tyler Treumann who has been an invaluable asset to H-E Parts. Let’s take a closer look at their journey and contributions to our company.

Meet Tyler Treumann. Who was initially drawn to H-E Parts (formerly Crown Parts and Machine) with a strong desire to return to Montana and be closer to his family. Having previously worked on mining equipment for Newmont in Elko, they sought an opportunity to continue their expertise in this field, leading them to H-E Parts.

What stands out most for Treumann is the fascinating process involved in handling components at H-E Parts. From the moment they arrive for teardown and inspection to the meticulous reassembly and shipping, Treumann finds fulfillment in being part of this comprehensive workflow.

H-E Parts holds great significance to Treumann as it has provided them with a fulfilling career path. He has been able to progress within the company and envision himself staying with H-E Parts until retirement. The growth opportunities and the chance to work with exceptional colleagues and customers have made his journey at H-E Parts truly memorable.

Reflecting on his favorite memory, Treumann cherishes the experience of collaborating with diverse individuals throughout the years. Witnessing the components, they worked on being put to use in the mines and having the opportunity to travel to different H-E facilities to see their impact firsthand have been particularly rewarding.

One of Treumann’s career highlights at H-E Parts includes the opportunity to perform the reman process on various components, including new items introduced to H-E Parts. He has not only acquired extensive knowledge through this experience but also had the privilege of sharing his expertise with fellow employees. Furthermore, his interactions with remarkable customers have contributed to his professional growth.

H-E Parts culture holds immense value for Treumann. He expresses excitement in witnessing the company’s evolving culture and have observed positive changes over the years. As H-E Parts embraces the best practices from all branches, the culture plays a pivotal role in setting high standards for the entire team.