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Resourceful, Reliable with a Global Reach

It is no small feat when a customer needs mining equipment transported across the globe, but for H-E Parts Dom-Ex this is just another opportunity to showcase their highly resourceful and highly reliable team members. With over 35 years of experience in the aftermarket parts industry, and a global network of customers all over the world, Dom-Ex has the connections and expertise to make relocating equipment and parts a simple, turnkey solution for our customers.

When the H-E Parts Chilean team reached out about a local mine needing five 830E AC trucks, the Dom-Ex team was able to quickly provide a solution. Unlike brokers who limit their services to just the sale and purchase of equipment, H-E Parts Dom-Ex provides comprehensive services by taking ownership of each step of the project from finding available equipment, disassembly and loading out, transportation/logistics, to final reassembly.

Disassembled equipment parts leaving the Tumbler Ridge Mine, BC, Canada heading towards the port.

Utilizing their global network, the Dom-Ex team was able to successfully locate five available 830E AC trucks for sale at the Tumbler Ridge Mine in British Columbia, Canada. After purchasing the equipment, the trucks began their journey to Antofagasta, Chile. In order to transport the trucks safely and effectively, the Dom-Ex team disassembled on site, reducing each truck to less than 115,000 lbs. and less than 14 feet wide and 13 feet high. The disassembled parts were split up between 20 truckloads, and driven to the port in Vancouver, British Columbia. At the port, the components were carefully loaded by crane on to a chartered ship where they spent the next 22 days sailing down the Pacific Ocean before arriving in Antofagasta, Chile. Once arriving in Chile, the components were then transported to the Mantos Copper mine to be reassembled. The Dom-Ex team traveled to Chile to see the five working 830E AC trucks in action and meet the Mantos Copper team in person.


Preparing to ship the disassembled parts from the port in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


This project is an excellent example of how H-E Parts leverages its global network and unique expertise of each location to provide customers with innovative, cost-effective solutions. The Mantos Copper project was a wonderful success story for our team, and ultimately provided Mantos Copper with an affordable, long term solution.

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Click here to view the Mantos Copper Relocation Project video.