Air Starters

Engine Starting

H-E Parts offers the quality line of Ingersoll Rand Air Starter systems and other industrial engine starter products. These and competitive brand starter systems are serviced and repaired at our service centers.

Ingersoll Rand air starters are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources. They create sheer power from the natural environment, and are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine, and automotive applications.

With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing leadership, Ingersoll Rand is the expert in the technical development of air starting systems.

Vane Starters

  • 150BM Series
  • 3BMG Series
  • 5BMG Series
  • SS175 Series
  • SS350 Series
  • SS800 Series

Turbine Starters

  • 150T “F” Series
  • ST500 Series
  • ST600 Series
  • ST700 Series
  • ST900 Series
  • ST1000 Series
  • ST1000M Series

Gas Turbine Starters

  • TS700
  • TS900
  • TS1400 Series

Engine Barring Motors

  • B006 Barring Motor
  • T480 Barring Motor