H-E Parts has custom built balancing equipment designed specifically for high horsepower industrial engines. This equipment allows us to verify the balance of the crankshaft assembly as well as make improvements to optimize engine balance. We have had custom Bobweights manufactured for each of the common engines that we remanufacture, including a very specific set of Bobweights for the MTU 4000 Family of engines.

Our technicians balance every crankshaft that is destined for life in one of our remanufactured engines – this is standard procedure for our in-house product. This extra step provides extra assurance that every engine produced by our assembly facility operates smooth and trouble free.

The custom Bobweights, computerized technology and solid base rigidity of this purpose built machine enables us to balance to the most stringent specifications. We have focused on High Horsepower Diesel crankshafts and we are proud to set the standard in the industry for this service.