Quality, Value and Reliability

H-E Parts is a global leader in the diesel engine rebuilding and component machining.

Our unparalleled experience and 80,000 square feet of state-of-the-art re-manufacturing facilities and equipment allow us to deliver the strongest, most reliable, and best warrantied engines to customers in mining, marine oil and gas and power generation here in North America and the world around.

Diesel Engine Services

H-E Parts specialize in heavy-duty diesel engine re-manufacturing, with a reputation for quality, precision and technical innovation the world over. […]
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Mining isn’t what it used to be. Today’s market is highly competitive and bottom-line driven meaning that companies are squeezing […]
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Oil and Gas

Being in the Oil and Gas industry often means being in remote locations and working under harsh conditions. And because […]
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Stationary Power Generation

As important as they are, industrial diesel-powered generators don’t get much respect. They’re exposed to the harshest conditions and toughest […]
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Industrial marine diesel engines operate in some of the worst conditions an engine can experience. Constant exposure to water, salt, […]
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Machine Shop Services

H-E Parts’ combination of experienced staff and top of the line equipment sets the company apart from others in the […]
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Engine Parts

Machine downtime and availability are two powerful forces behind customer needs. Diesel engines that aren’t running or who service is […]
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