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Holcim Lynwood is an aggregate quarry located in New South Wales, Australia. The site was experiencing an ongoing issue with high wear rates in two differing areas of their processing plant. The key areas of concern were their GP500 feeder and a rail carriage feed hopper. ChuteVision™, H-E Parts proprietary modeling software was utilized to assess the application and has been designed to give accurate forecasts of remaining liner life as well as allowing individual liner or zone monitoring, graphical reporting and performance analysis.

After analyzing the results, H-E Parts were able to offer a solution through improved material selections, which resolved the issues. By upgrading the previously supplied competitor liners with H-E Parts ProTech™ range of wear materials, Holcim was able to achieve a dramatic improvement in wear rates, reduction in shut-downs and improved total cost of ownership.

In the GP500 feeder, ProTech™ 20/10 wear bars were used to upgrade from the OEM’s wear plate. This change has seen change-outs move from 12 weeks, out to 52 weeks. Similarly, in the rail carriage hopper, a competitor wear plate was upgraded to ProTech™ PT-92S ceramic liners in high wear zones. This upgrade vastly exceeded the life of the original wearplate which was only lasing weeks, to now running for 52 weeks with little wear and has been left in situ.

In addition to the reduced wear and increased life, the ProTech™ materials have provided relief on maintenance resources, associated labor costs and reduced the frequency of high-risk tasks in confined spaces. H-E Parts capability to provide a full suite of wear materials and specialist engineering has also afforded Holcim the ability to deal with a single vendor.