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Roy Hill continues to partner with H-E Parts for supply and continuous improvement of their rotable transfer chutes, liners and refurbishment services with the use of our renowned ProTech™ wear product offering. Our Crushing Solutions division are known for their ability to extend and optimize mineral processing systems through consistent product performance and innovative product advancements.

Roy Hill engaged H-E Parts to perform liner changeouts across their train load out (TLO) clam chutes utilizing our Protech™ PT-80T Complex Chromium Carbides Overlay. Commonly used in applications that require a hard wearing solution such as chutes that can be difficult to access on site.

To facilitate complete testing and minimize commissioning issues, H-E Parts engineers designed a frame that mimics the TLO clam chutes natural position when installed on site. Prior to using the frame, the chute arrived in a folded position that increase the risk of an unsafe work environment. With the use of the newly designed frame, H-E Parts teams can place the TLO clam chute directly into the hanging frame. The frame allows the chute to unfold, allowing the team to then disassemble the chutes one by one in a safer environment. Additional benefits to the frame are:

  • The ability to test that the clam gate has been installed properly by
    simulating full operation of clam gate cycle
  • The ability to trial fit the liners to ensure correct fitment prior to operation
  • The flat pack design for convenient storage
  • H-E Parts innovative approach to improving safety and working efficiently

Our Allgo Engineering (Allgo) branch supported the recent TLO chute frame build by machining the bores. With work being completed internally, H-E Parts are unaffected by external influences and can accurately predict and maintain timelines with consistent product quality. With our proven mineral processing engineering, wear material supply and associated service capabilities, combined with in-house machining by Allgo, H-E Parts provide a superior, cost-effective solution for our customers in the West Australian market and facilitate beneficial synergies that will deliver increased value.