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Protech MMC wear liner in discharge chuteAfter consistently demonstrating wear product and service success on-site, H-E Parts were approached by a prominent gold miner to improve the performance of select chutes on site, with the goal of lowering the frequency and overall cost of associated shutdowns. Chute damage was occurring between shutdowns due to insufficient liner life of the incumbent supplier.

H-E Parts proprietary modeling software ChuteVision™ was utilized to assess the application, providing accurate forecasts of remaining liner life as well as allowing individual liner or zone monitoring, graphical reporting, and performance
After analyzing the results, H-E Parts were able to offer a solution through improved material selection, which resolved the issues. By upgrading the previously supplied competitor liners with H-E Parts ProTech™ range wear of materials, site were able to achieve dramatic improvement in wear rates, reduction in shutdowns and improved total cost of ownership. In a particular discharge chute, the breaker bar was upgraded from OEM wear liners to Protech™ MMC, which contributed to extending out the change out times from 24 to 52 weeks. In addition to the reduced wear and increased life, the ProTech™ materials have provided relief on maintenance resources, and associated labor cost.

Based on a patent pending design, the ProTech™ MMC wear liners incorporate extremely hard inserts added to ProTech™ steel at the manufacturing stage. Inserts are specifically designed to minimize the chance of tear-out and spaced to
ensure that casting integrity is retained. H-E Parts offers a full range of ProTech™ wear protection products, enabling a tailored solution to be offered for our customers’ specific applications. H-E Parts also provides a range of additional services to assist customers in condition monitoring, maintenance planning, wear product selection, inventory control, ‘as built’ drawings, installation, inspections and reporting.