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At an iron ore mine located in Western Australia, the customer had an ongoing issue with high wear rates in their scrubber discharge chutes. During each shutdown in a 12-week shutdown cycle, the existing 0.79” (20 mm) alloy-chromium carbide overlay plate supplied by a competitor was found to be completely worn through, resulting in damage to the exposed parent metal of the chute. The customer contacted H-E Parts to overcome the issue and after a thorough analysis of the wear situation, H-E Parts recommended improving the material selection by replacing the existing overlay plate with ProTech™ overlay liners, which are composed of one of the highest wear resistant materials produced in the world today. The result was a  remarkable improvement in wear rates.

The ProTech™ overlay liners exceeded the life of the competitors’ plate with only 0.10” (2.5 mm) wear on the leading edge after 12 weeks, resulting in the plant extending maintenance shutdowns to every 48 weeks, instead of 12 weeks. The chute is now protected from damage and no longer requires costly repairs during shutdowns. A  significant reduction in the exposure to health and safety risks were also realized by the client through the reduced frequency of repairs. The major expense incurred by the client to hire a 250 to 300-ton crane every 12 weeks is now required only once every 48 weeks. Since the installation of the ProTech™ liners, the client estimates that AUD $600,000 in combined savings in labor and crane hire will be achieved, with the relief on maintenance resources alone expected to be around 300 hours per annum.