Industrial marine diesel engines operate in some of the worst conditions an engine can experience. Constant exposure to water, salt, grime, and continuous operation at sea all take their tolls on these workhorses.

H-E Parts understand the unique demands of industrial marine diesels and caters to customers in all varieties of maritime industry from shipping to commercial fishing, to towboats and workboats.

From our cleanroom facilities and team approach to engine assembly, to the latest precision machining equipment and multi-point quality control processes, H-E Parts meticulous attention to quality and detail ensures that all our engines, whether they’re used for main propulsion or power generation, deliver the reliability and performance day in and day out under just about any conditions thrown at them.

H-E Parts Advantages

  • Separate facilities for engine teardown and assembly, preventing cross-contamination.
  • All re-build and assembly work is done byH-E Parts. Our Machine Shop has the most advanced equipment available for each major engine component — blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods and cylinder heads.
  • All replacement parts either meet stringent OEM qualification guidelines or are replaced with new.
  • Multi-point quality control process — every engine re-build receives quality assurance inspection and testing at every phase of the re-build, from first teardown to final assembly.
  • Cummins Marine Engine Partner
  • All H-E Parts engine rebuilds meet or exceed all OEM specifications and carry a like-new warranty.