Crushing & Mining Equipment (CME) announced today that they have signed a new agreement with a leading independent Australian wear plate supplier, Austral Technologies.

This agreement will secure sole distribution rights to Australs tungsten carbide wear plate product, namely SPOT60®. This ensures the continued stable supply of this world class product, and will compliment CME’s existing range of ProTech® wear plate and ceramic products.

The agreement affords CME full rights in Australia, Indonesia, and parts of Africa, Middle-east and Asia where mining is prevalent. CME has been supplying this product in an informal capacity for several years, and has extensive in situ results detailing applications where in excess of 400% wear life has been achieved when compared to other grades of wear plate products. This affords the client extensive cost savings with relief on maintenance resources, reduced need for high-risk tasks in confined spaces, reduced plant downtime and lower associate costs such as crane hire.

Mike Allen CME’s National Wear Division Manager stated that “when wear occurs that render standard overlay plates ineffective, CME can offer a tungsten carbide overlay plate from its ProTech® wear products range that will provide a significant increase in life over conventional overlay plate”. Furthermore he noted that “while this material can offer significant cost savings on a cost-per-tonne basis, CME’s unique wear modelling approach allows for the use of a range of different wear materials to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership is always achieved for the customer.”

After completing a full evaluation of the wear area, CME is able to design a liner arrangement that may contain several different materials and overlay thicknesses. The result can be a liner assembly that wears uniformly throughout and provides a consistent life that corresponds to planned shutdown intervals or other mitigating factors.

Trevor Overton, Austral Technologies General Manager commented that “Crushing and Mining Equipment’s innovative and focussed approach has created the pathway to see Austral Technologies’ SPOT60® wear plate become the wear plate of choice to help solve many difficult wear problems and extend the life of critical components. CME are the “Go-To” people and we are very pleased to have them represent our SPOT60® product. A close working relationship regarding sales and technical support will see SPOT60® wear plate become a major component in the fight against wear.”

The distributorship was awarded to CME based on experience, capabilities and in-house innovation, and in addition to wear plate supply comprises, engineering support and design consultation to the end user. All of which will be undertaken by CME’s engineering divisions. CME believes that the partnership of the proven SPOT60® product, along with projected greater market penetration will provide a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties concerned.