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The Rio Tinto operated Hope Downs iron ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Australia operates Metso HP800 crushers and was experiencing excessive wear and inconsistent life with their OEM supplied crusher liners across all three cone crushers. Due to a change in maintenance schedule from 12 to 24 weeks, the existing OEM liners were not capable of meeting the required life expectations, prompting site personnel to engage H-E Parts to assist.

H-E Parts had delivered life improvements in the past for Rio Tinto and were tasked with reporting on the current state of liner performance, presenting and then trialing modifications that would prolong crusher liner life to coincide with the new 24-week maintenance schedule. An added benefit of utilizing the CME™ liners was the capability to employ H-E Parts patented LockLift™ lifting device when liner change-outs are required. The LockLift™ safety lifter provides the safest means available to remove and replace crusher liners. This allows the liner to be lifted through the center hole of the mantle after the head nut is removed. All styles utilize a jacking arrangement to separate the head and mantle before lifting. This guarantees a fully controlled lift takes place while ensuring the lifting gear is not overloaded by lifting the head along with the liner. By removing the need to weld on lifting lugs, H-E Parts can provide customers with a safe, cost-effective solution that also reduces mantle change times.

To assist the customer with improving their liners, H-E Parts engineers performed an on-site evaluation of the existing OEM liners using innovative 3D laser scanning technology. The subsequent data was then evaluated in our proprietary ChamberVision™ and CrusherVision™ software, enabling our engineers to predict liner shape through the full design life. H-E Parts were able to identify several liner design issues that could be improved upon to ensure the following deliverables were achieved, and a new liner design developed:

  • Consistent liner life across all three crushers with complete material utilization
  • Even liner wear throughout the length of the crushing chamber

To accommodate the proposed CME™ liners, the crushers required a bowl assembly with additional threads to ensure adequate thread engagement and vertical bowl travel could be achieved. Rather than purchasing a new bowl assembly from the OEM, H-E Parts service division was able to upgrade the existing component, providing a tailored, cost-effective solution. H-E Parts also extended the adjustment cap to ensure the dust seal remained in place to maintain a tight seal.

Once the bowl assembly modifications were complete, the CME™ liners were supplied, run and rescanned. Not only did the newly supplied CME™ liners comfortably achieve 24 weeks as expected, but the wear was also uniform and the worn profiles analyzed and were found to still have an additional 33% worth of life remaining.