Birrana™ Oil Sample Plug for 785 789 & 793 trucks

Taking oil samples from rear wheel groups need no longer be a time consuming task. The Birrana™ Oil Sampling Plug reduces downtime associated with magnetic plug changes and oil sampling, and that’s just the beginning…

  • Reduce Machine Downtime
    Driving trucks backwards and forwards to position level ports correctly in order to take oil samples adds to truck downtime. The Birrana™ Oil Sampling Plug allows oil samples to be taken when the level port is above or below the oil level. Users have reported that samples can be taken with the level port positioned anywhere between 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock.
  • Eliminate Oil Spills and Contamination
    The Oil Sample Plug features an easy to use valve that allows the magnetic plug and oil sample tube to be inserted and removed without allowing oil out, or contaminants in.
  • Improve Safety
    Correct use of the Oil Sampling Plug ensures that personnel are not subject to burns and scalds from hot oil, which is known to be an issue when changing magnetic plugs.
  • Easier to Use
    Never again be frustrated by a magnetic plug that sticks to the cover instead of screwing into the port. The Oil Sampling Plug eliminates this problem as the supplied magnetic plug slides into non-magnetic stainless steel.