Cylinder Heads

H-E Parts uses the latest tooling which enables precise surface finishes and sizing. Our head department is equipped to machine all manufacturers of diesel and natural gas cylinder heads. Our capacity is from small heads all the way up to the giant CAT 3600 series head which approaches 500 lbs. and has a seat diameter of over 4 inches. One of the added benefits of H-E Parts’ seat and guide tooling is that we can vacuum test the finished product prior to assembly, a process that ensures quality and saves time.

H-E Parts cylinder head department is built around two key pieces of equipment: the Serdi 100 and a Rottler SF2 surfacer. Both machines are built for production and accuracy. The Serdi 100 seat and guide machine can cut all three seats in one pass while maintaining concentricity of .002″. This provides an excellent seat for the valves to seal against. The Rottler SF2 uses CBN technology and produces exact roughness (Ra) consistently across the surface of the cylinder head.