Mill Liners

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H-E Parts supplies a comprehensive range of mill liner products; whether your mill utilizes steel, rubber, polyurethane or a combination of materials. H-E Parts is one of the few mill liner suppliers in the market willing to offer a full range of liners, and has the flexibility of an independent aftermarket supplier. This ensures that users receive advice suited specifically to their needs.

H-E Parts are able to provide a range of material options, such as:

  • Rubber Mill Liners
  • Polyurethane Liners
  • Steel Mill liners


For safe, simple installation where a liner handler is not available, rubber or polyurethane liners are the obvious choice. While they produce less noise and require less drive power, charge volume is often decreased and breakage is less efficient. Steel, on the other hand, will normally provide better life in high wear applications and allows a higher percentage of charge energy to be used in grinding. So while material selection will normally be a well-established fact in most mills, benefits of alternative materials should not be overlooked.